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Our in depth insights in the countries that we operate in, and our ability to adapt into the different cultures in every country where we have successfully integrated politically, bureaucratically and administrative have provided us with great opportunities to participate in developing the infrastructure in these countries we operate in.

Our team of professional’s works with the governments to promote areas that they provide incentives (Tax Free and Tariff free operations) that helps the governments conserve forex and control the balance of payments. We assist in bridging capital gaps in infrastructure and industry by working closely with planners who design infrastructure requirements in the country and investors who seek opportunities to enter these specific markets. Our core focus is to identify projects with set cash flows, high returns and low risk with the respective authorities in the countries and work towards providing strong and safe returns to our investing partners. Our specialized industry areas are power and energy, livestock, agriculture, road and highways, telecommunications, real estate, ports and infrastructure.

Our Business Mantra is to facilitate an investment path from an initial concept where our team works with the investor to acquire all regulatory approvals to commence a project.

Business Entity: EZY Infrastructure Development
Countries: Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Myanmar